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Spring Reset Notion Template

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About The Template

This Notion featured template helps individuals by providing a space for them to plan their Spring reset. Through using the cleaning and decluttering checklists, the individual can enter Spring feeling refreshed and less stressed. The journalling section will help them reflect on the previous season and set intentions for Spring, while the habit tracker will help them stick to these intentions. Ultimately, the template enables the individual to have a fresh start - fresh starts aren't only for New Year!

What’s included?

Winter Reflection and Spring Planning journal templates

✔ Spring Recipes board for you to add your own recipes that you'd like to try out this Spring

✔ Spring Cleaning checklist

✔ Spring Decluttering checklist

✔ Spring Habit Tracker


Does this template work with Notion’s free plan?


Can I personalise my template?

Absolutely! Once you have duplicated the template into your own personal Notion, you'll be able to make as many changes as you like.

Can I use this template after Spring?

Yes! Whilst we have designed this template to aid your Spring reset, you can easily use the template beyond that. The Habit Tracker can easily be extended, and you can simply duplicate the Spring Cleaning, Decluttering, Recipes and Journalling to be used for the next season's resetting.

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Reset for Spring with Spring Cleaning, Decluttering, Journalling, Recipes and Habit Tracking!


Spring Reset Notion Template

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